About us

Act local, think global.

Moovegreen was born in 2019 with the aim of offering an updated and innovative approach to corporate sustainability, promoting good practices and strategies based on recognized international standards. We want to help build a green future not only for businesses but also for the local communities to which they refer, and in doing so, promote the competitiveness and commercial attractiveness of our customers in a world where the environmental issue and the Earth protection become more and more crucial and a key economic challenge.

We are a group of european professionals with different backgrounds who provide customers with a smart and complete tool to measure and evaluate sustainability, to communicate strengths externally and to plan and build new and more ambitious goals.


Our team


Stefano Evangelista

Founder & Commercial


Davide Arminio

Co-Founder & Communication


Emilio Ribeiro

Co-Founder & Digital


Our vision

β€œSustainability is ability to maintain or support a process over time”.

Sustainable development, without clear and defined objectives, remains an ideal term such as "freedom" or "justice".

Our goal is to help companies increase their contribution to a socially responsible world.