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Our working system is based on the GHG Protocol, an international organization responsible for the standardization of the calculation and management of greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on these guidelines we have created a simple, quick and recognized solution to verify, improve and communicate corporate sustainability.


The strategy for reducing its carbon emissions arises from the assessment of its environmental impact and therefore from the definition of the company boundaries, followed by the quantification of emissions and the definition of clear future goals.

It is important from the beginning of any climate initiative to calculate total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). This value essentially represents the starting point (baseline) against which to monitor future progress in reducing emissions.

We put at your service the experience gained in calculating the carbon footprint. Discreetly and with the aid of advanced calculation models, we also support you in calculating indirect emissions (Scope 3) generated mostly by the supply chain.



The report is the basis of every correction and improvement action. The real action of carbon reduction begins with the correct reporting of data collected and calculated over a defined period of time.

The carbon footprint verification document is organized into sections, incorporating company information and the result of the calculation with explanatory tables and charts. There is also a section dedicated to initiatives deemed suitable to reduce emissions and activate positive change. Ad hoc advices are formulated to achieve the set goals, typically by leveraging energy management and the optimization of business processes.

The sources of emissions that cannot be reset internally due to technological or economic limits can be managed through external compensation programs. As consultants, we share our experience to identify solutions and projects aligned with business needs and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We issue an official carbon footprint verification document by assigning a score and a label (bronze, silver, gold, green) as an independent guarantee of the assessment performed. A useful tool as a starting point for setting future emission reduction targets and for credibly communicating the results achieved to its stakeholders.





Credibility, transparency and innovation are the basis of new earning opportunities. Communicating the commitment made to climate protection represents a pillar for company growth, allowing it to be correctly positioned on the market and towards stakeholders.

At the end of the greenhouse gas emissions verification process, each assessed company gets a label (bronze, silver, gold, green) depending on the level of sustainability achieved and in recognition of the taken commitment.

Sharing this award is a useful tool to make stakeholders perceive your strategy towards the future and sustainability, allowing you to obtain important results.

Higher sales and better financing conditions are just some of the immediate benefits deriving from the of the climate improvement action.

The standardization scheme set for the awards release (bronze, silver, gold, green) according to predefined parameters, allows you to compare or demonstrate your leadership in terms of sustainability compared to the competitors.

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